Human Friends organization (HFO) is a nonprofit and non Government  organization, which has, as it”s main goal, the promotion of religious freedom, social justice, equality, mutual understanding, tolerance and acceptance to promote human dignity.

The organization advocates for religious freedom of conscience as proclaimed in Article 18 of the United Nations” Universal Declaration of Human Rights. HFO was formed in 1995 and registered since 2003. HFO is registered Under the Societies Act 1860. HFO was founded by Sajid Christopher, a human rights activist.

Convinced that advocacy and human rights education can contribute significantly to global justice, HFO engages parliamentarians, media, legislator, policy makers, religious leaders and members of religious communities in mutual educational efforts, works with human rights organizations to repeal discriminatory  laws, and explores the political and religious benefits of promoting democratic norms that respect equal rights for all.

Our Projects

  • Peace Building

    Peace Building

    Fostering interreligious dialogues to promote tolerance, pluralism and social justice Better understanding and relations among Muslims, Christians and other religious minorities

  • Human Rights

    Human Rights

    Act as a watch dog organization for rights of Christians & other religious minorities. Educate the public regarding human rights standards as declared in the Universal declaration of UNO.

  • Women Empowerment

    Women Empowerment

    Awareness & education Gender equality Vocational skills trainings Political participation

  •  Relief & Rehabilitation

    Relief & Rehabilitation

    help others to achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours...

  • Orphan Care

    Orphan Care

    Bringing Hope to the Fatherless. Let's do it together Every Child Needs A Family!

  • Together for Persecuted !

    Together for Persecuted !

    HFO working for the rights of Christians & other religious minorities.