Alisha Aslam

Around 6 p.m. Alisha was waiting for his friends near the children swings and suddenly blast occurred. Alisha Aslam got very severe injuries. His whole body was covered with the blood. Rescue team took him to the nearby hospital and luckily, he survived and with the proper treatment he recovered but his right arm is not working and he became permanently disabled, he is still having bomb shells in his body. His family was very distress. HFO met his family comforted them and promised them that they are with them. HFO provided Grocery Store to the miserable family of Alisha Aslam. Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw blessed his grocery Store. Alisha Aslam and his family are very thankful to HFO who help them and make them able to start their life again with new passion and courage in such a difficult period of their life and they said that they will always remember the true love and care.

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