Falak Sher

(Falak Sher with Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw)

Falak Sher a Christian young boy was enjoying on the Easter day in the park with his family and when the bomb exploded Falak sher was critically injured and his family members were also injured very severely. Falak sher condition was very serious. Rescue team took him and his family to the hospital. With medical treatment, his family members could go back to home but falak sher was admitted in the hospital. His condition was very poor because he is belonging to a very impoverished family and they were not able to bear his medical expenses so he went back to home without complete treatment. HFO provided Auto Rickshaw to the miserable family of Falak sher. Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw blessed his Auto Rickshaw. Falak Sher and his family are very thankful to HFO who help them and make them able to back to their normal life in such a very difficult period of their life they will never forget the love, care and concern HFO had extended to them.

Falaksher lost his wife in this blast, she died immediately on the spot. HFO provided financial assistance for the medical treatment Pak Rupees 50,000 (US$500) and food relief for 3 months as well.

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