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Gulshan Iqbal Park Blast on Easter day

Pakistan is an Islamic republic with 95% Muslims and 5% of the population is composed of other religious minorities. Pakistan is going through a difficult time due to terrorism and extremism.

The religious extremism and persecution against religious minorities in Pakistan is growing very rapidly and is reaching the new heights of religious intolerance. The terrorists constantly attack on the minority communities in Pakistan. In September 2013 bombing attack on all saint church in Peshawar and March 2015 deadliest attack on Youhanabad churches show very active persecution against religious minorities in Pakistan.

The very next year on March 27th 2016 a very sad and terrible incident took place when all the Christians were celebrating Easter very happily at the Glushan Iqbal Park Lahore Pakistan. The target was Christians.

 In Gulshan Iqbal Park more than 33 innocent Christian lost their lives and more than 60 people were injured very seriously even most of them disabled too and some people are still in very critical condition.

Approximately at 6:30 p.m. when the park was crowded with the people, the attacker entered into the park and blows himself up near the park canteen and few meters away from the children’s swings which is one of the busiest areas of the park. It was heart breaking happening took place in the park.

People were completely shocked to see the bodies flying in the air. There had been lot of causalities on the spot and many were injured badly with the sharpness and bomb shells. Blood, body parts and shoes scattered across the blast sites. People mourn the loss of their loved ones. Quickly after some time, rescue teams reached there and rushed the injured into the nearby hospitals for immediate treatment. The ambulances also carried the dead bodies in the hospitals for legal requirements before handing the bodies to the families.

All the victimized families are in great grief and became very upset and feeling very helpless. Most of the victimized families lost their bread winners so it was a huge trouble for them to cover the needs of the families. Human Friends Organization (HFO) strongly condemned that horrible incident and highlighted the hardships faced by the grieving families. HFO is always standing affirm with the persecuted families in their tough time. HFO supported the grieved families and started a rehabilitation of 30 families, who lost their loved ones and or who became permanently disabled. HFO provided auto rickshaws, grocery stores and other small business opportunities to rehabilitate the families. HFO also provided financial assistance to 20 most injured families and Pak Rs. 50,000 (US$500) were given to each injured person for treatment. HFO also provided immediate food relief for 3 months and the distribution took place 3 times, one month relief in each distribution.