Mussarat Tariq

(Mussarat Tariq and family with Thanks HFO Sign):

Mussarat Tariq was in park with her family at the time of the explosion had occurred she was injured very seriously with the fragments of the bomb shells. Her arm was fractured and her daughter named Sara was injured very severely in that attack. Sara’s head was hit hard with bomb shells.

Mussarat’s other family members had lost their senses to see both in such condition. Rescue teams reached the site took Mussarat Tariq and her daughter to the nearby Hospital. Mussarat and her daughter both were in very critical condition for a long time in hospital. The family members were very much shocked and traumatized.  At that tough time HFO team members visited the Mussarat Tariq in the hospital. HFO provided Auto Rickshaw to the miserable family of Mussarat Tariq.she is very thankful to HFO who help her in such a tough time. HFO also provided financial assistance of 50,000 Pak Rupees (US$500) for medical treatment and provided food relief for 3 months.

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