Qaiser Zaheer

(Qaiser Zaheer with Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw)

Qaiser Zaheer from Bahar Colony was in the park with his family to celebrate the Easter. He stood near the swings and said that when the blast occurred, the flames were so high they reached above the trees and bodies flying in the air there were bodies strewn across the park and blood splattered all around. He was injured very badly with the fragments of the bomb. His whole body was injured even that he was not able move on his own feet. His family took him to the hospital. due to shock, there was a very serious effect on Qaiser Zaheer’s brain but after a long treatment he became stable. Qaiser Zaheer family was very hurt with that incident. In that tough time when they found themselves very helpless they met with the HFO team. HFO Provided Auto Rickshaw to the miserable family of Qaiser Zaheer.

Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw blessed his Auto Rickshaw. Qaiser Zaheer and his family are very delighted and very thankful to HFO who think about them and help them when they are in trouble and facing a lot of crises.

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