Rubina sammuel

(Rubina sammuel and family with Thanks HFO Sign):

Robina Sammuel belongs to Christian family is one of the victim of that blast was there with her family to celebrate the Easter. she said that she was standing with her husband near the swings and her children were enjoying the swings and suddenly a big blast occurred and her husband was running towards the children. Luckily, he saved his children but Robina Sammuel was injured very severely with the bomb fragments. She has the major injuries in her back bone with the ball bearing. Her husband was also injured but Robina’s condition was very serious. her husband was very upset because he had not enough money to fulfill her medical expenses and during this period HFO team survey the hospital and met with this poor and grieved family and comforted them. HFO provided Auto Rickshaw to the unhappy family of Robina Samuel. Rubina Samuel and her family members are very delighted for providing them such a great support.

the earner of his family. his family was very upset that how they survive but during that hard period HFO team visited them and assured them that they are with them.

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