Waseem Ameen

(Waseem Ameen with Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw)

Waseem Ameen is also the one of the victim of that blast. Waseem Ameen is a very young boy of 23 years old, Christian by faith went to the park with his friends to enjoy the Easter Sunday. When he was enjoying the swings suddenly explosion occurred and he was injured with the bomb shells. He lost his senses. He rushed to the hospital by unknown people and when he regained his senses he found himself in the hospital in very bad condition.

HFO team visit the Waseem Ameen house. They found his family in great sorrow and very upset about Waseem Ameen condition and injuries. HFO condoled his family. HFO provided Auto Rickshaw to the miserable family of Waseem Ameen.

Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw blessed his Auto Rickshaw. Waseem Ameen and his family are very thankful to HFO who help them and make them able to back to their normal life.  in such a very difficult period of their life they never forget the HFO concern for them.

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