Mehtab Bashir

(Mehtab Bashir and family with grocery store inventory) One of the blast victims Mehtab Bashir was there with his whole family to celebrate the the explosion time he was standing near the children's swings and he was injured with bombshells. His whole body injured with the Bomb fragments but his head

Mussarat Tariq

(Mussarat Tariq and family with Thanks HFO Sign): Mussarat Tariq was in park with her family at the time of the explosion had occurred she was injured very seriously with the fragments of the bomb shells. Her arm was fractured and her daughter named Sara was injured very severely in that attack.

Falak Sher

(Falak Sher with Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw) Falak Sher a Christian young boy was enjoying on the Easter day in the park with his family and when the bomb exploded Falak sher was critically injured and his family members were also injured very severely. Falak sher condition was very serious. Rescue team

Sonia Shahid

(Sonia Shahid and family with Thanks HFO Sign): Sonia Shahid is one of the victims of that blast. She was there with her family to celebrate the Easter. She said that it was so crowded that there was even no way of entering it. We went to a canteen to have something

Ashraf Masih

(Ashraf Masih with Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw) Ashraf Masih went to the park for picnic with his family. Ashraf Masih and his family attend the church in the morning and after that they went to the park entire day they were enjoyed a lot and near about 6 p.m. when they were

Aster Saleem

(Aster Saleem and family with Thanks HFO Sign): The blast took place a few meters away from the children's swings. When the explosion occurred one of the blast victim Aster Saleem was also near the children's swings. She was injured very badly and her arm was fractured with the bomb shells. Her condition

Sammuel Masih

(Samuel Masih and family with Thanks HFO Sign): Sammuel Masih and his family were in the park to celebrate the Easter. They were enjoying a lot in the park but suddenly they heard a very loud voice of explosion and in such blast Sammuel Masih and his family got badly injured with

Alisha Aslam

Around 6 p.m. Alisha was waiting for his friends near the children swings and suddenly blast occurred. Alisha Aslam got very severe injuries. His whole body was covered with the blood. Rescue team took him to the nearby hospital and luckily, he survived and with the proper treatment he recovered but his

Gulshan Iqbal Park Blast on Easter day

Pakistan is an Islamic republic with 95% Muslims and 5% of the population is composed of other religious minorities. Pakistan is going through a difficult time due to terrorism and extremism. The religious extremism and persecution against religious minorities in Pakistan is growing very rapidly and is reaching the new heights of

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