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Parliamentarians Caucus

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Human Friends Parliamentarians’ Caucus

HFO established a parliamentarians’ caucus through its existing strong relationships with likeminded MPs favorable to human rights and minority issues in order to establish a Parliamentarian Caucus at the provincial level in Punjab. This caucus includes both minority and Muslim parliamentarians, and aims to be a platform to support intervention at the provincial level to influence and promote pro-minority policies. Through engagement with minority activists, the aim is only to provide parliamentarians with greater space to address minority issues and human rights issues, but also to increase their awareness and sensitize them to the challenges facing religious minorities.

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Member of Human Friends Parliamentarians’ Caucus are as follow:


  • Shahzad Munshi   (Convener Christian) PML – N)
  • Azma Bukhari    (PML (N)
  • Saadia Sohail Rana (PTI)
  • Fayza Malik    (PPP)
  • Ehsan Riaz Fatyana    (Independent)
  • Nabeela Hakim Ali Khan    (PTI)
  • Kanji Ram Hindu    (PMLN)
  • Ramesh Singh Arora Sikh    (PML – N)
  • Vikas Akhtar Moqal    (PMLQ)
  • Tahia Noon    (PMNN)
  • PArveen Manika    (PMLN)
  • Bushra Butt    (PMLN)
  • Hina Pervaiz Butt    (PMLN)
  • Rahila Khadim Hussain    (PMLN)

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The Dutch Human Rights Ambassador meets with H.F Parliamentarians’ Caucus

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    EU and H.F Parliamentarians’ Caucus meeting on Collaboration for technical skills & capacity building on bills and legislations for effective role as parliamentarians.

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    Plenary meeting discussions Parliamentarians’ caucus

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    Minorities Rights Commission Bill & Electoral Reforms Consultation Seminar

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    International Advocacy

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    ( Parliamentarians Caucus meeting with the US Consulate Officials in Lahore)

    The parliamentarians meet with diplomats and international community to raise awareness on the issues of human rights and Minority Rights. Parliamentarians also brief them about their working as caucus members and also recommend the solutions to address the challenges.