Ashraf Masih

(Ashraf Masih with Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw)

Ashraf Masih went to the park for picnic with his family. Ashraf Masih and his family attend the church in the morning and after that they went to the park entire day they were enjoyed a lot and near about 6 p.m. when they were ready to leave the park and when they came at the Gate No.1 suddenly blast occurred and Ashraf Masih got injured with the bomb fragments. Luckily his family members got very minor injuries but his wounds were too much. His family became very frightened and scary. unknown persons rushed him to the hospital and he was treated there for a week and during that time he met with the HFO team in the hospital and HFO team condoled with him and his family. HFO provided Auto Rickshaw to the miserable family of Ashraf Masih. Arch Bishop Sabastian Shaw blessed his Auto Rickshaw. HFO also supported with Pak Rupess 50,000 (US$500) for medical treatment and also provided food for 3 months.

 Ashraf Masih and his family was very delighted and very thankful to HFO who think about them and help them when they are in trouble and facing a lot of crises.

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