Mehtab Bashir

(Mehtab Bashir and family with grocery store inventory)

One of the blast victims Mehtab Bashir was there with his whole family to celebrate the the explosion time he was standing near the children’s swings and he was injured with bombshells. His whole body injured with the Bomb fragments but his head wounded very deeply. Rescue team rushed him to the hospital in very critical condition. Doctors immediately did his brain surgery. He remained under doctor’s observation few months.

Now he is fine but not enough to do any tough work because he is physically very weak.

He is the head of his family and only the bread winner.

HFO provided grocery Store to the miserable family of Mehtab Bashir. Rev.Fr.Francis Gulzar blessed his Store. HFO also provided him financial assistance of PA Rupees 50,000 (US$ 500) for the medical treatment, food relief for 3 months and an auto rickshaw for rehabilitation. Mehtab Bashir is very thankful to HFO who help him in such a challenging time.

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