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Allama Paul Higher Secondary School started in 2017. Allama Paul Higher Secondary is an English Medium School located in Youhanabad Lahore. It is from Playgroup to grade 10. It has well-equipped Science lab and computer lab. 


Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world. Human Friends Organization (HFO) cares about these little shinning stars. An orphan care home named as “Kinship” is also being run by us where a large number of orphan children are being raised with care, love and affection. Nutritionist food, medical care and quality education is being provided to these kids so that they may not feel any deprivation in their upbringing. We try our best that no child living under the umbrella of “Kinship” may feel neglected or isolated. Kids are being provided such an environment where they lead their life with freedom and can become responsible citizen of our homeland.


Human Friends Organization (HFO) is enabling women to earn livelihood by respectable means. Earning bread and butter with dignity and honor is a fundamental right of every single individual. Therefore, HFO is making efforts in this regard too. A “hope center” is being run where women are learning the art of stitching traditional dresses. A Competent instructor has been hired to impart skills among these women. With this initiative, after every three months, dozens of women become able for earning livelihood. The women who are being facilitated are generally from less-privileged families, majority of them are widows or single mothers.


HFO has launched a mass awareness campaign for the residents of Yohanabad to enlighten the community on the importance of registration in National database. With the generous assistance of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), a registration campaign is currently underway for the inhabitants of Youhanabad. The local community is actively engaged and enthusiastically taking part in this ongoing registration effort. This registration will serve as a fundamental tool for various purposes, including effective governance, provision of public services, planning and allocation of resources, ensuring social and economic equity, and maintaining national security.  HFO is playing active role in inclusive registration and the digital identity of the unregistered members of the community to mainstream them in the National database as active citizens. As registered members can become a part of electoral process, which is the key instrument in continuation of democracy. More than 3500 residents of Yohanabad has been able to secure Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) through NADRA mobile vans. HFO is facilitating the whole set up for the registration site and mobilizing the community members.


After the ongoing and successful execution of NADRA registration campaign, HFO facilitated the City Traffic Police Lahore in setting up the license Issuance camp in Youhanabad. HFO mobilized the community members and raise awareness about the importance of acquiring driving license and responsible citizenship. More than 2000 driving license have been issued and the drive is still going on.

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