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Since 2003, Human Friends Organization is striving to promote inter-faith harmony, peace, tolerance and acceptance in the society. With 20 years of experience, HFO believes that the role of women in interfaith harmony is not limited to any specific domain; rather, it encompasses a broad spectrum of activities that contribute to the creation of a more inclusive, understanding, and harmonious world. Women are often the center of family and community life, they are natural facilitators of dialogue. Their ability to nurture open and empathetic conversations can break down stereotypes, encourage understanding, and foster mutual respect among individuals from different faith traditions. In addition, Women have historically played significant roles in peacebuilding efforts. In the context of interfaith relations in Pakistan, women can lead initiatives that promote reconciliation, mediate conflicts, and work towards building peaceful coexistence among communities. The Women Faith Leaders Conference aims to provide a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and empowerment among women who serve as leaders in various religious traditions and social sphere.

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