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Jaranwala Relief and Rehabilitation

The unfortunate incident took place on 16 August 2023 in Jaranwala town of the industrial district of Faisalabad. A mob had attacked the community after two Christians were accused of blasphemy but situation get worsened when the clerics made announcements in mosques inciting the mob for violent attacks. The angry mob not only burnt the churches (almost 30) but also incinerated the houses of Christian families and looted valuables from houses. The locals of the area accused the police of standing by as spectators as hundreds of people, armed with sticks and batons, vandalised the churches besides ransacking and even burning their homes. As panic spread in the area, shops were shut and a strike was called. The situation remained tense despite heavy presence of police at the site.
it is heart wrenching to see small kids along with families are suffering in the fields in this hot and humid weather.
HFO supported the victims of mob violence through food, cash assistance and rehabilitation of these families through providing them households.t

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