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From President’s Desk

Since 2003, Human Friends Organization is striving to promote inter-faith harmony, peace, tolerance and acceptance in the society. During the worst situation of Pandemic caused by Covid-19, HFO come on fore front to help the people affected by economic crisis. The lockdown resulted in to extreme poverty and people were unable to feed themselves. At this hour of need, food packages were distributed among more than 2500 families across the country without any discrimination of religion, cast and creed.

I firmly believe that diversity is the most aesthetical thing in the world. Bouquet become more adorable when it comprises flowers of different colors and species. Similarly, a society become more endearing when people of different religions and ethnicity lives together with peace and harmony. We are constantly engaged in pursuing advocacy and lobbying for the equality and religious freedom. For this purpose, we organize caucuses to highlight the human rights violations and suppression of religious minorities. HFO is playing an effective role in legislation by giving suggestions and highlighting the key points in a bid to provide equal rights and opportunities to marginalized and vulnerable segment of the society. These caucuses are proving themselves highly fruitful in ensuring right of equal citizenship.

We have always been vocal against persecution of religious minorities and forced conversion of minor girls. We have succeeded in providing justice to the victims through advocacy of the victims at appropriate and effective platforms and raising the incidents of human rights violation and religious discrimination in caucuses.

We believe quality education is a tool that can transform the lives of poverty-ridden minorities. Therefore, we are playing our role in imparting quality education to children. Our highly-reputed Allama Paul Higher Secondary School provides free uniform, books, bags and stationary to students. We ensure that our students should be the best not only in their academics but also in extra-curricular activities.

I believe in team work and HFO is doing its best through the tireless efforts of the entire team. HFO’s provincial coordinators and field staff comprises highly passionate individuals who are contributing well in transforming the society so that humanity, justice and peace may prevail. Long live Pakistan !!!

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