CLARA (Counseling, Legal assistance, Rehabilitation and Advocacy)

Pakistan is a second largest Islamic Country in the World. The majority of its population with 95% is Muslim, and 5% are religious minorities. Christians are the largest religious minority in Pakistan with 3% of the total population and 2/3 Christians are living in the province of Punjab Pakistan, which is currently known as a hub for persecution of Christians in Pakistan. Punjab is the largest province with 62% of the total population of the Country. 99% of blasphemy/Sharia cases are registered against Christians only in the province of Punjab.

During these most recent years there have had been several major incidents of persecution, such as:

  • Bomb blast on Easter day March 27th Christian community was targeted
  • Two Churches “St. John Catholic Church and Christ Church” were attacked. 22 people died, 86 seriously injured
  • 135 Christians were arrested after protest for not providing security to Churches. 42 are still in prison and they are facing trial of death sentence charges of section 302.
  • A couple was burnt alive at a brick kiln factory after falsely accusation of Blasphemy
  • The wife Shama Bibi was pregnant.
  • Several new cases of Blasphemy against Christians
  • Forced conversion and forced marriages of Christian girls. According to USCIRF 700 Christian girls are every year forcibly converted to Islam Violent mob attacks against Christians



Standing together for persecuted to promote freedom of religion or belief.

C.L.A.R.A project’s achievement during first 3 years:

  • Relief, medical treatment and rehabilitation of 55 blast victims of 2016 Easter day in Lahore
  • Rehabilitation of 31 families of Churches blast victims in Lahore through small business opportunities in 2016. Food relief and financial assistance was also provided.
  • Food relief and medical financial assistance to 86 seriously injured victims of Churches blast victims in Lahore in 2015
  • Financial assistance to 42 faith-based prisoners for their basic needs in prison. These Christians were arrested for protesting for not providing security to Churches.
  • Food relief and financial assistance for the families of 135 faith-based prisoners in Lahore
  • Trauma counseling to the 221 victim families of Churches blast in Lahore
  • 11 Blasphemy victims and displaced families are being supported through shelter and food
  • 4 Blasphemy victims are being provided free legal assistance
  • 10 victims of forced conversion are provided legal assistance and shelter
  • A computer education program is established for the victim families of Churches blast, where young members of these families are getting free education to uplift their families economically
  • A skill development center is established for the victim girls and women, who are victim of forced conversion and persecution
  • Advocacy for the promotion and protection of rights of Christians in Pakistan
  • Printing of FORB booklet to promote education for freedom of religion or belief
  • Christian Muslim dialogues to resolve conflicts peacefully and to promote co-existence, pluralism and tolerance


  • Persecuted Christians are not left alone in their times of persecution
  • Saving hundreds of Christians through providing legal assistance, shelter, food, medical, trauma counseling
  • Raised awareness through advocacy on persecution of Christians within Pakistan and to international community as well.
  • Rehabilitation of the persecuted