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Education, Dialogue and Advocacy are the three main factors on which HFO is working to support religious minorities in the country.


Human Friends Organization is doing Advocacy will the Parliamentarians to approve legislation on forced conversion, banning hate speech, enhancing the effectiveness of minority right commission and elimination of hatred material from the textbooks. Through a series of meetings being held in regular intervals, we briefed the Parliamentarians about the issues and challenges being faced by religious minorities. suggestions and observations are being shared with parliamentarians so that effective laws may devised to curb such injustices. Similarly, advocacy with authorities concerned is being done by HFO. In case of happening of any untoward incident, we approach the officials and make them aware about the incident occurred in their jurisdiction and demand swift action against culprits. We have kept media persons in our loop as well. Training sessions are being organized for journalists in which lectures on media ethics and media laws been delivered. They are being trained about how to report the sensitive issues like forced conversion, blasphemy accusations and conflict erupt between different communities. As we believe that inappropriate reporting cause more harm for the victim and entire society. So awareness of media persons is crucial so that they may not add fuel to fire while reporting incidents.


HFO is conducting dialogue sessions with religious leaders, community leaders, Human Rights Network Pakistan (HRNP) members and teachers in Punjab province to promote co-existence, pluralistic approach and interfaith harmony.


HFO’s Allama Paul Higher Secondary School is not only providing quality education to children hailing from less-privileged families but also playing a vital role in enhancement of gender equality by sensitizing young boys and parents about gender equality and women’s rights. Girls are being encouraged to play active role in leadership. HFO is providing educational facility to both Christian and Muslim students alike. By getting education under same roof, the students are learning the significance of diversity, equality, human rights, interfaith harmony and co-existence.

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