HFO’s President message

From President’s Desk:


Human Friends Organization enters into its seventeenth year (2020) with a remarkable confidence. With sharpened clarity on approach and improved knowledge and talent base, the organization is poised to leap ahead to cover other untouched areas of human rights and development sector. This year too, reaching the most marginalized section of our society, that is, ‘becoming the voice of the voiceless and marginalized communities’ has been our primary goal. In the process, we successfully saved many lives through our human rights and development projects spread across all four provinces of the country.  The Parliamentarian Caucuses formed in all four provincial assemblies and in national assembly, have begun to affect the work i.e to highlight the issues of minorities at policy level. It came to us as a significant help this year. The year 2019 also proved crucial in converging the focus of all the stakeholders on the issues faced by minorities.  Our collective efforts led the organization to achieve its objectives. We as a team are committed to serve the marginalized communities in coming year as well in order to make a just society in this part of the world. God bless Pakistan!