Hope Centres & Community Halls

Bhai Pheru-Hope Center
Tolu wala Hope center

We all have gifts, they differ. Help someone to discover their gifts, learn new skills and grow in a community of faith. Human Friends Organization has been constructing hope centres and Churches in the outreach Christian communities of Pakistan since 2016. The basic purpose of these Hope Centres is to provide a communal place where they can utilize their time and energies productively. For instance, communities can use these hope centres as a communal place where the children can study, community can use it as skill training centre and welfare

   meeting spot. Positive impact has been seen specially in the lives of women and children due to these community centres. Keeping in the view the importance of community share in the projects, HFO provides construction material with monitoring in this project whereas the local community Local Community / congregation provides the Place for the construction of hope centres and Churches along with the labor. Once the hope centre are handed over to the local community after the completion then a MOU has been signed with them stating the transfer of ownership to the local community.