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HFO has successfully executed a year-long program supported by United States Institute of Peace (USIP) & in support with the Department of Human Rights and Minority Affairs, Punjab, in Kasur, Dera Ghazi Khan, and Lahore from April 1, 2022-31 March 2023. 

Overall Goal 

The project was aimed to strengthen the capacity of The Provincial Task Force on Human Rights & District Committees on Human Rights by engaging and facilitating them in monitoring the human rights violations in Punjab. The implementation of the program in three districts produced overwhelming results. 


(1) Role Revitalization & Engagement of The Provincial Task Force on Human Rights

(2) Advocacy & Lobbying for Stricter Legislation on Child & Underage Marriages.

Major Outcomes and Results of the Project 

The findings of the end-line survey of the project indicates that an estimated 85% of the members were unaware of their roles and responsibilities, and they have increased their knowledge. After the capacity building and handholding by the department and HFO, members of district committees started playing their active roles in maintaining peace and resolving conflicts with the collaboration of concerned departments within the districts. Before the capacity building, the members of district committees were unaware of their roles and responsibilities. After witnessing the project outcomes, the members of the Department of Human Rights & Minority Affairs Punjab expressed a keen interest in extending the program to further districts in one of their Action Plan Meeting. HFO, after implementation of the pilot phase of the project in three Districts started believing that District Committees serve as essential intermediaries in promoting human rights, mitigating human rights violations, and facilitating conflict resolution in communities. District committees comprise of individuals, who are well-positioned to identify. Specific challenges, needs, and opportunities within the districts. Described below are some of the major achievements of the project: 

I. In Kasur, the members of District committees received complaint against violation of Labor rights where the owner of brick kiln was paying fewer wages than the standard wage. District committee members of Kasur raised the issue and report it to the district labour department. Upon their perusal, district labour department ensured the minimum wages of workers to be paid by the owners of brick kiln. Through their active engagement district committee members played their role in the mentioned human rights situation.

II. In tehsil Pattoki, District Kasur, a Christian girl was caught stealing during her work in an agricultural farm. She was handed over to the local police and an FIR was registered against her. Later, this issue was portrayed as allegedly faith-based persecution. This could trigger social division and faith-based conflict within the communities, so the members of District Committee Kasur investigated the whole case with the help of Police department, Social Welfare and 2 civil society members. They worked in collaboration and finalized the report and concluded that it was a case of societal crime, not a faith-based violation and the alleged girl was guilty. Thus, the members of district committees were able to prevent social division and conflicts.

III. In Nishat Colony, Lahore a case of interfaith marriage was resolved through the involvement of District Committees where a Christian boy and a Muslim girl decided to marry. The members of District Committees Lahore approached both parties and resolved the issue without creating intense situation in community.

IV. In Dera Ghazi Khan, the members of District Committees actively engaged in rehabilitation and relief work after the devastating flood, they are working in collaboration with the department of social welfare in relief activities.

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