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Nadra Registration Campaign

HFO has launched a mass awareness campaign for the residents of Yohanabad to enlighten the community on the importance of registration in National database. With the generous assistance of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), a registration campaign is currently underway for the inhabitants of Youhanabad. The local community is actively engaged and enthusiastically taking part in this ongoing registration effort. This registration will serve as a fundamental tool for various purposes, including effective governance, provision of public services, planning and allocation of resources, ensuring social and economic equity, and maintaining national security.  HFO is playing active role in inclusive registration and the digital identity of the unregistered members of the community to mainstream them in the National database as active citizens. As registered members can become a part of electoral process, which is the key instrument in continuation of democracy. More than 3500 residents of Yohanabad has been able to secure Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) through NADRA mobile vans. HFO is facilitating the whole set up for the registration site and mobilizing the community members.

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