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HFO envisions a world in which all communities can live with fairness, accountability and transparency, respect and tolerance, self-reliance, and non-violence.

Our mission is to promote Freedom of Religion or Belief and interfaith harmony as an effective means of achieving global justice and peace and to advocate for the rights of religious minorities to assure equality and dignity for all.

1. To advance the fundamental principle of human rights for all citizens by fostering awareness, advocacy, and actionable initiatives towards achieving equality, dignity, and justice in different communities.
2. To strengthen religious communities through diversity, strategic capacity-building, and peace-building initiatives for enhanced interfaith harmony and social cohesion.
3. To alleviate faith-based persecution by providing essential legal assistance to victims of blasphemy and safeguarding the rights of prisoners, persecuted women, juveniles, and religious minorities.
4. Empower minorities as essential stakeholders by acknowledging, synthesising, and addressing their unique issues to foster inclusivity and equity.
5. To provide education, awareness, and advocacy for religious freedom of conscience as proclaimed in Article 18 of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
6. To provide shelter, care, and love to orphan children; and to provide education to destitute children.
7. To achieve gender equality through women’s empowerment.
8. To access emergency relief and recovery, preparedness training, and disaster management during natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc.

  • Justice Fairness 
  • Respect & Tolerance 
  • Equality & Equity 
  • Accountability & Transparency 
  • Self-Reliance 
  • Non-Violence 
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