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Our vision is a just peaceful and tolerant society where all can exercise their human rights.

Women Led Enterprise Growth In Pakistan

With Financial Support from Target Foundation through the British Asian Trust, Shirakat- Partnership for Development is focusing on sustainable livelihood through women 

Power To The Youth

Shirakat – Partnership for Development is implementing “Power to the Youth” project in Lahore and Rawalpindi. The Project is a youth centric initiative to address key socio- economic challenges affecting low income and vulnerable 

Agri-Preneur's Phase II

The project aims to address issues heighted by COVID-19 pandemic which has had a devastating impact on vulnerable people in Pakistan,
particularly women and young people. With financial support from the Standard

Economic Justice

Shirakat’s economic justice program works at several levels; capacity building; micro enterprise development; grassroots action and governance.

Gender Justice

Gender equality and women’s empowerment is a crosscutting issue in all of Shirakat’s programmes and projects. Shirakat is in constant contact with over 320 young girls and boys previously trained on gender equality.

Climate Justice

Climate change and conservation is a critical area of concern as per Shirakat’s Strategic Plan. The main focus is on children and youth through awareness raising activities and collective action.

Older Peoples Rights

Shirakat is a member of Policy Advisory Group being coordinated by Helpage Pakistan and is engaged in national as well as global level lobbying and advocacy.

Political Participation Of Women

Shirakat promotes gender equality through equal participation of women in social, political and economic activities.


In a patriarchal society like Pakistan, the roles of fathers are largely seen as providers and earners. They are rarely encouraged to be nurtures, supporters and care givers in the family system.

Make A Donation

Giving a donation to Shirakat can contribute towards social justice through piloting innovative initiatives for behavioral change beyond boundaries

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